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Halifax Offshore Consulting team members have been providing expertise to local and international clients for over 20 years. We have a solid record of moving our clients’ projects forward responsibly and effectively.

The following project descriptions illustrate our experience helping clients manage complex projects with multiple priorities while keeping their objectives in the forefront.

Undisclosed European Tidal Energy Technology Developer

Halifax Offshore Consulting provided a detailed review of marine operations in the Bay of Fundy for a tidal energy project developer outlining deployment and recovery options for a technology developer evaluating opportunities to demonstrate their technology in Canada.


  • Marine Operations Methodology Advice
  • Operational Safety Plan
  • Asset Assessment
  • Operational Cost Analysis
  • Engineering Services

Cape Sharp Tidal 4 MW Tidal Energy Project

Halifax Offshore Consulting provided project services to Cape Sharp Tidal for the development of its 16-meter 2 MW tidal turbines and the 1150 metric ton installation barge. The 4 MW project was to be installed at the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE). Halifax Offshore Consulting developed lead the operational aspect of the project and several other key project elements including risk mitigation plans, operational safety plans, fabrication supervision during construction phase and heavy lift plan development and execution.


  • Risk Management
  • Operations Management
  • Fabrication Supervision
  • Marine Operations Planning and Execution
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Resource Assessment
  • Port Logistics
  • Lifting Plans
  • Engineering Services

Lessons Learned Minas Passage

Halifax Offshore Consulting, Fundy Ocean Research for Energy (FORCE), and Offshore Energy Research Association (OERA) teamed up to capture lessons learned from marine operations in the Minas Passage. The project involves information that is shared from developers and contractors who have been performing marine operations in the past number of years. The purpose is to help the tidal industry in Nova Scotia by sharing information about operations and experiences while operating in the conditions that are unique to the Minas Passage.

A detailed review of the resources uses while performing marine activities in the Minas Passage such as;

  • Types of Equipment
  • Diving Operations
  • Challenges
  • Environmental Limitations
  • Environmental Monitoring Equipment
  • Instrumentation Technology (SONAR etc.)

DP Energy – Pathway Sensor Platform

The Cabling and Platform Solution project is one part of OERA’s larger Pathway Program. HTEL isresponsible for designing, assembling, and delivering to OERA the documentation that supports a fullyfunctional, multi-sensor monitoring platform design thathas been fully and successfully demonstratedin the tidal stream at the FORCE site in Parrsboro.

The “Deployment” was intended to demonstrate deployment of the multi-sensor monitoring platform incorrect location, and it will target 60 to 90 days of successful operation defined by data collection fromsensors in accordance with the decision trees provided in the proposal, and transfer to on-shore datastorage.

HTEL(DP Energy)has contracted (HOC) Halifax Offshore Consulting Inc. for the development of theprocedures and planning for the laying of 3.5 Kilometers and the connection and deployment of thesensor platform in the Minas Passage after the successful harbour trials in September of 2020.